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The Spy Who Came into the Heat - WHY You Need To Know Of Lashkar-e-Taiba...

WASHINGTON: Long-time US "ally" Pakistan has broken the spy world's unwritten comtract by publicly identifying the CIA Station Chief in Islamabad in an act that has sent ripples through the American espionage community, including the famed Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
CIA Station Chiefs are typically undercover spies whose covert presence in US embassies is sometimes known to friendly host governments; but they are seldom recognized by name.
However, in a brazen blowing of cover, reportedly at the instance of a disaffected section of the Pakistani spy agency ISI, a Pakistani citizen from North Waziristan who lost family members in a US Drone attack has filed a criminal complaint in an Islamabad police station against an American individual named Jonathan Banks, saying he is the CIA Station Chief in Islamabad who is coordinating the Drone attacks.
According to Karim Khan,

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