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Do Republicans Have A “Sugar Momma” Double Standard?

Back in 2004, conservatives from all corners of the media attacked John Kerry as a “gigolo” who never earned a dime in his life and owed everything to his rich, heiress wife. Well, now that the tables are turned — and a Republican is the one who owes his entire political existence to his rich, heiress wife — is it unfair to use the same line of attack against John McCain? Salon’s Glenn Greenwald examined this in a great blog post titled:

The right and men who live off their second wives' inherited wealth

What's most notable about John McCain's confusion over the number of homes he owns isn't merely that it demonstrates that, after running his campaign based on depicting Barack Obama as an out-of-touch elitist and himself as the all-American Everyman, McCain lives a life that is about as far removed from the Average American as one can get, and has done so for decades. Wha


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