Video of sheriff using 'very excessive' force at Red Deer Alberta Court House

-------------------------THE MAN IS DEAF AND MUTE.-------------------------------
I neglected to add that important piece of info when i posted the video, sorry folks

The video captured on several cameras shows the chain of events from when Bill Berry, 52, entered the building to when he was followed out by a sheriff and two medics.

Berry, a throat cancer survivor, went to pay a traffic ticket at the courthouse on Dec. 9. He inadvertently entered through an open exit door and went directly to the fines counter without going through the security screening.

Berry is unable to speak and breathes through a tube in his neck. He tried to communicate with a sheriff who approached him after he missed going through security screening. That sheriff, Thomas Bounds, pushed Berry toward the exit, grabbed and placed him in a bear hug while trying to drag him from the courthouse.

Berry’s stoma tube in his neck became dislodged so he couldn’t breathe and he convulsed for a short while.

Four other sheriffs arrived quickly. One of them replaced Berry’s breathing tube.