Brazilian navy special forces arrives in rio's slums do hunt down gangs

Last week two big factions starts a war over the biggest slum in Rio de Janeiro, making even the police stations there became surrounded, with officers taking shelter inside. Gangs didnt fire upon them, since their goal was to take the territory of their rivals and they knew the small police force there wouldt interfere, and of course if they killed any officer that would only atract even more attention to them.

Their "war" escalated so much that state governor asked for military help, wich soon arrived and surrounded all the slum's entrances and exites.

While APC's and such started to roll into slum's streets several gang members started to hide into the woods, common tatic they use and stay there for days until the head cool off. But this time, the military send in the comandos, the elite of their force to enter the woods and hunt down every single one of them.

The airspace around the area was closed by the airforce, in order to keep press helicopters away (wich would possible film gangs being executed by the military, causing humanitarian trouble) while the spec ops rappels down from helicopters in key areas.


By: SladeForelly (1540.40)

Tags: brazil brazilian military navy air force operation gangs gang drug trafficking firefight special forces rio de janeiro

Location: Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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