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The Air Force Story D-DAY - We Had A Setback In Dunkirk... But We Won The War!

Nope, I don't claim single handed arse-whooping, but I do remember my history... we won!

'BROADSWORD TO DANNY-BOY... COME IN DANNY-BOY? This is our home... who are ya? Come and 'ave a go if ya think you're hard enough!' - ME... It's good to have a target... the 'twats' hide behind religion!

Added: Jan-22-2011 
By: The_Dogs_Bollox
Tags: History, War, WW2, World, War, Two, Germany, Bombing, Strategic, Kicking, Arse, Taking, Nametags, You, Got, Your, Fucking, Head, Kicked, In, My, Grandad, Killed, Your, Grandad, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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