Trillions being syphoned off by the US "Justice System"

I, [], have talked to many who have been abused by the court system. If you are to inherit money or property, beware judges and lawyers are out to steal it, slap a gag order on you, and judges can send organized crime thugs out to beat you up or kill you if you get mouthy about being ripped off. You can get ripped off and then be railroaded to prison.

Walter Burien is interviewed by Bill Windsor, producer of the movie, "Lawless America".

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Your money, your property, and your freedom is being hijacked. Is that okay with you. Check out more videos on []

Insiders, namely lawyers, who try to do the right thing are jailed. Just ask, or word search, Barbara C. Johnson or Richard I. Fine. If judges in California were not double dipping, taking bribes, and getting paid off by Central Banks, there would be no Courtywide, Bank of America, and other bank scandals and mortgage fraud. Justice is being blocked by judges. Town Halls, cities, and States are stealing trillions from you, putting the money in accounts and the elite live off the interest on the money they stole from you.

Pay taxes and do without so bankers get an even bigger bonus for their thefts.

Now, be a good sheep, will you?


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