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Tel Aviv: Confrontation between radical left,right during May 1st march

This video was taken a week ago, during the annual May 1st march in Tel Aviv, which this year marked the renew struggle of the Israel social uprising of summer 2011.

During the march very harsh chants and comments were made by the red participants towards a bunch of radical rightists (carrying a Yellow flag)- Among the chants and slogans were:

"Death to the yellows!"

"Khana (known dead figure of the radical right) is dead!" (which is based on the radical right slogan 'Khana is alive').

"Too bad you didn't perished in the Holocaust, you asshole!"

"Go back to Aushcwitz, you prick, go back to Germany!"

"Let the Western wall (most holy Jewish site) fall down on you..."

"There is no God"

"Jerusalem is in Jordan..."

One of the marchers was arrested after throwing a bottle.

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