Indonesia executes 6 foreign drug mules by shooting

Indonesia executed 6 foreigners today for drug trafficking. At same time, in 2013 and 1014, Indonesia government released more than 300 Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists linked to Al Qaeda that had killed more than 200 people in Bali in 2002 and made a big effort to save an Indonesian woman on death row in Saudi Arabia for killing and robbing her chief in that country. Since 2002, Indonesia released from prison more than 800 terrorists.
Indonesia, whose president is a populist called Joko Widodo, ignored all request from Brazilian and Netherlands Governments to spare the prisoners life. They were killed today by shooting.
This dramatic speech was made by Marcos Archer Cardoso Moreira two days before being executed. He was in jail in Indonesia since 2003 and war a hang-glider instructor.