McCarthy's Potomac two-step: EPA refuses the release of scientific data behind its regs

House Science Chair Lamar Smith asks EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy why the Agency continues to refuse to release redacted scientific data behind the Agency's regulations.

CHAIRMAN LAMAR SMITH: "...why don't you give us the data that you have and why can't you get that data? Surely you have the data that you've based the regulations upon?"

EPA ADMINISTRATOR MCCARTHY: "Well, EPA has the authority and the need to actually get information that we've provided to you."

CHAIRMAN LAMAR SMITH: "You're saying you can't give us the information because it's personal then you're saying you don't have the information. Which is it?"

ADMINISTRATOR MCCARTHY: "When we receive the information we are not allowed to release it, and there is much information that we are not, that we do not have the authority to gather because..."

CHAIRMAN SMITH: "You've got the President's science adviser saying you should make it public. I'm willing to say we'll be happy to redact all the personal information. There is no good reason why other scientists can't review it. There is no other good reason why I don't think that the American people shouldn't see it either."

US House Science Committee
July 9, 2015