Russian people throw [Belorussian jewish] Russian musician [Who supports the unconstitutional junta in Kiev] into trash dumpster

Vid titled:
In Moscow Makarevich stuffed into the ballot box - in Russia and did not understand the meaning of lustration :(

In the capital of Russia, a group of young people crammed into the dumpster Russian musician, singer, poet, composer, artist, producer, TV presenter, leader and sole permanent member of the rock band "The Time Machine", Honored Artist of the RSFSR People's Artist of the Russian Federation Andrei Makarevich.



[NOTE:] The Ashkenazi-fake-jews will always propel one of their own to stardom regardles if there are other non-Ashkenazis who may proform better. In this way they have come to domonate the "Stardom" class of people in many nations. {Google "jews in Hollywood".] This is in no way "antisemetic" as Ashkenazis are NOT Semitic. The very name Ashkenazi comes from Genesis 10:2 and states unequivocly they are from the line on Japheth and NOT from the line of Shem. The very name Ashkenazi means NOT a Semite the same way the word dog means NOT a horse.