CONFIRMED: Swedish neo-nazi Mikael Skillt is fighting in the Azov Battalion against separatist (he was the Mike of the video) + an italian national

It's amazing, parts of the russian propaganda about "neo-nazi" might be true...
According to many sources it is confirmed now that among ukrainian nationalists fighting in the "Azov Battalion" there are not only russian neo-nazi but also swedish neo-nazi and italian nationalists.

Mikael Skillt is a swedish national-socialist degenerate, he came in Ukraine in mars to support ukrainian neo-nazi of C14 with whom he was apparently friend before. From 2002 to 2010 he was member of Svenska motståndsrörelsen after he left and become member of Svenskarnas parti. He was 6 years in the swedish national guard.

He joined the Azov Battalion composed mostly of idiots far right ukrainian of "Patriots of Ukraine", "Social-National Assembly" and C14 with international far-right volunteers.

Here on his twitter he show his weapon

He is actually a sniper

He participated in the fighting to Mariupol against separatists as a sniper and apparently he killed many pro-russian.

It is THIS Mike in the video below wich many russian thinked that he was an american mercenary or Black Water and other shit.

at 2:20 it is him the man who is shooting with the sniper and who speak in english.

He wrote that.

He say that he fight for "the white race" and his white brothers in Ukraine. From his friends he learned how to call pro-russian, vatniki, pidoras, kolorady... lol
Some russian sources have accused him for beating a pakistani antifa and gay in Sweden: Showan Shattak. Altough it is possible that's just propaganda since according to swedes on liveleak he was already in Ukraine when the beating was. It isn't excluded that other swedish nationalists responsible for this are actually in Ukraine too.

He plans to kill as many pro-russian and communists as possible and he was already promoted in the batallion.
Apparently after the victory against russian the whole batallion wants to take the power in Kiev, chase Poroshenko and replace him with a nationalist.
Now some sources about this info:

He is not the only swede fighting against russian, there are other sweds but they are linked with Svoboda not Right Sector and in exchange of help they will get military training from Svoboda but they aren't in the Azov Battalion.

Know let's talk about a volunter from Italy

I don't have much info about him, all that I know is that he is called Franchesko. His nickname is Don, he is very appreciated by his fellow ukrainians.
But what is strange is that he DOESN'T WANT to tell his story to anybody (where is he from, why he joined...). He is a little bit mysterious but very skilled soldier and warrior, Franchesko already killed separatist.

Interesting documentary about russian, swedish and italian neo-nazi among Azov volunteers.

There is also a separate group for russian neo-nazi only, called the russian legion.
I will talk about him later.

pro-ukrainian russian neo-nazi of the russian legion.
there also some chechen against Kadyrov who are fighting in the ukrainian armed forces

On the other side italian antifa terrorist and communists volunters joined the forces of the Donetsk Republic.

Here they are with Pavel Gubarev

+ volunteers from russian antifa

but there also ossetian chechen idiots (fucking traitors altought I don't want either that they fought together with neo-nazi of Azov or SNA)

dumb "antifaschist" russian nationalists and cossacks (some of them like Babai are very degenerate and think that they fought against zionist-mason and reptiloids)

israelian idiots (intersting how they behave with the antisemitics cossacks?)

polish eurasianists

and of course serbians

LOL this is a very big mess now + we have again ultra-nationalists volunteers vs leftist volunteers.
Also keep watching because right sector and Azov battalion are not very happy with the election and in their vk groups they claims to push out the "liberal" Poroshenko after the war and set up their own governement.