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The View On Rick Warren Giving Invocation at Barack's Inauguration

Today on The View, the panel discussed the controversy of Pastor Rick Warren having been selected to give the invocation at Barack's inauguration. Apparently gays are pissed, and pretty much most liberal bed-wetters are pissed. But when aren't they?

They believe that because Rick Warren believes a marriage should be between a man and a woman, that's somehow "weird." Elisabeth and Sherri point out that both Obama and Biden have expressed the same idea, to which Joy gets all flustered like "oh, no, now there's TWO against me!"

And, to end it off, Whoopi puts the segment to rest by reminding the audience "we put him into office to put our act together as a country." Oh, really, Whoopi? Since when is it the role of a government to get the "act" of the "people" together? Give me a freakin' break. We are slowly losing the culture of individualism, personal responsibility, and achieveme

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