Where Is Dad’s Head? – Son of ‘Scissor Sisters’ Murder Victim Wants To Confront Killers

THE teenage son of Farah Noor, who was butchered by Scissors Sisters
Charlotte and Linda Mulhall, has begged them to reveal where they buried
his head.Mohamed Said (19), now a champion swimmer in Kenya, wants to come to Ireland to confront them.

Six years ago his father's torso was fished out of the Royal Canal beside Croke Park.

The Mulhall sisters slaughtered and mutilated Noor, their mother Kathleen's violent lover.

Speaking from Kenya, Noor's wife Husna:PLEADED with Charlotte and Linda to reveal where they buried Farah's missing head;REVEALED how her son wants to confront the Mulhalls to ask why they killed his father;TOLD how the murder has left her family penniless and chasing the Irish authorities for compensation; andBLAMED mother Kathleen Mulhall for the murder and said: "I hope she rots in hell".Six years ago, when Mohamed was busy studying and training to be a
champion swimmer, his father's torso dressed in a bloodied Ireland
soccer jersey bobbed up in the Royal Canal in the shadow of Croke Park.It sparked wild rumours that the victim had been slaughtered in a
satanic murder ritual. The truth was far more shocking and would
introduce the nation to the infamous Scissor Sisters.The gruesome discovery led detectives to a grimy flat on Dublin's Richmond Road where they unravelled a modern-day horror story.

was here that Charlotte and Linda Mulhall slaughtered and mutilated
their mother's violent lover, Farah Noor, before dumping him in eight
separate parts into the murky canal waters.They took his head in a bag on a citywide bus journey and dumped it in a park in Tallaght.

gardai tried for months to identify the headless remains, Farah's
family back home in Kenya, including his son Mohamed and his moth-er
Husna,were becoming increasingly concerned.

The cash he had been sending home dried up and there was no word of him.At
last, after a public appeal, a friend in Ireland recognised the jersey
Noor had been wearing when he last saw him alive on Dublin's O'Connell
Street in the middle of a drugs and booze bender with the Mulhalls.In the sensational trial that followed, Noor's wife and three children in Kenya became the forgotten victims.

Charlotte Mulhall was jailed for life and Linda got 15 years. Their mother Kathleen received 5 years for cleaning up the murder scene and has since been released. Since her release she has claimed her husband was involved in the killing and her daughters are innocent.

Arguing that her husband John, who hanged himself, was involved in
the brutal killing, Mulhall argued that her daughters should face a
She explained that she left the house on the night of the murder because Mr Noor broke her fingers with a hurley stick.

Mulhall said she can't fully recall that night, adding that her
daughters are "hiding a dark secret" over what she believes was their
father John's involvement in the murder.http://www.sundayworld.com/columnists/index.php?aid=7038