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New Microsoft Xbox great for NSA "Gay Stalking" and "Child Porn"?

Play video games and someone else can eavesdrop all of what is said in the room and view you naked. Microsoft bought Skype, was that for the same sleazy spy grid being served? Why do international corporate powers and bankers have to have access to all of our conversations and interactions in public and in private? Why does the TSA now have have detention pods outside of buildings to trap citizens like cockroaches if the citizen is on some arbitrary list?

You can be identified by your Xbox for sex slavery in the police state, and the TSA pod can trap you. What if you have organs that some police state operative sold to someone else on the cop black market? Well, they can trap you with the new system too. Hey, heroin has gone from $20 a bag and 3% pure to $5/bag and from 70% to almost 100% pure on the cop black market and with US Troops on the ground in heroin producing Afghanistan. I

Added: Nov-19-2013 Occurred On: Nov-19-2013
By: SvenVonErick
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