New Microsoft Xbox great for NSA "Gay Stalking" and "Child Porn"?

Play video games and someone else can eavesdrop all of what is said in the room and view you naked. Microsoft bought Skype, was that for the same sleazy spy grid being served? Why do international corporate powers and bankers have to have access to all of our conversations and interactions in public and in private? Why does the TSA now have have detention pods outside of buildings to trap citizens like cockroaches if the citizen is on some arbitrary list?

You can be identified by your Xbox for sex slavery in the police state, and the TSA pod can trap you. What if you have organs that some police state operative sold to someone else on the cop black market? Well, they can trap you with the new system too. Hey, heroin has gone from $20 a bag and 3% pure to $5/bag and from 70% to almost 100% pure on the cop black market and with US Troops on the ground in heroin producing Afghanistan. International Corporate Organized Crime and bankers care about us, see!

I got mouthy about illegal police spying and wiretapping pre-9/11. A cop told me I didn't own my house, my wife and daughter were not mine and I was a complete piece of crap because I was self-employed not state or corporate. I was then attacked on my property by a knife wielding felon police informant who said he stab me and cut off my penis if I did not hand over my wallet. I pepper sprayed my attacker. Connecticut State Police officers who had refused to protect and serve me arrested only me and tried to impound my work van on my property "as evidence" because it was in my yard when I was attacked. Police wanted to bar me from "my victim" the felon who attacked me by not allowing me to return to my home. Police were trying to keep me from contracting carpentry and painting jobs to bankrupt me. With no record a judge I had been trying to remove for bias in small claims cases against the self-employed, Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, gave me a year in prison for pepper spraying the felon who attacked me with a knife and recommended I have a mental evaluation where I could be taken out circulation forever, or have to wear a monitoring ankle device. Judge Kaplan is not okay with me trying to remain breathing after being attacked, but he is okay with criminals raping 3 year olds by seeing they get no jail time. [] []

The reason police came down so hard on me as they tried to recruit me to work with them as they told me the US Constitution was going to be suspended and they needed more people to help with the plans being implemented. That was pre-9/11. I refused to break laws for police and become a taxpayer funded domestic terrorist. So the police toasted me to try and silence me. I have not shut up since.

Why, do I make everything I post, about me, Steven G. Erickson? Well, these same people can do the same thing to you anytime. And yes, they are, more and more. Fight back before they get to you, or they surely will. Except if you wait that long, there will be nobody left to care.

I was followed around 24/7 by the Connecticut State Police pre-9/11. There were surveillance cameras strung from poles. There were hidden microphones. My internet was being trolled and my cell calls listened to, because officers would comment on what I had for dinner, what I talked about with my wife in our bedroom, and ridicule me and chant Jr. High School like bully statements the next day. I was told that the video and audio surveillance was not for my protection. Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren says his only job is to "Protect the Integrity of the System" not enforce laws and protect the public.

If you don't live in the Abusive State of America you can still be victims of this international UN Agenda 21 Corporate Organized Crime conspiracy. LT. Sam Izzarelli of Troop C Connecticut State Police told me if I wasn't self-employed I would not have been a secret police target for police informants to beat me up and set me up for prison, that I would not have lost my home, family, and be railroaded to prison. Izzarellit told me I was going to get a "hot shot" and I thought I was going to get a lethal injection upon entry to prison for my "immunization" that all prisoners get. Police State jokes, mocking, and official terrorist campaign don't strike me as funny ...


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Published on Nov 19, 2013

Travelers are forced to be
bottlenecked through the pods as they leave the airport terminal. A
robotic voice gives instructions to wait inside the pod until a green
light is shown and the door opens.

The pods have already been
installed at Syracuse International Airport as part of a $60 million
dollar renovation and are likely to make their way into other major
airports soon. Once travelers exit the pods, they are unable to re-enter
the terminal.

Some of the passengers exiting through the pods at
Syracuse thought the machines were performing x-ray body scans,
according to CNY Central.

"It was odd, I was like -- where did they come up with this?" asked Patricia Goodrich.