German media published a shock confessions of pilots Ukraine on Su-25 in day when MH17 got disaster

Yesterday, website fuer Deutschland Germany Wahrheit (Truth for Germany) has posted an article stirred world opinion. Articles recorded confession of fighter pilots on SU-25 Ukraine truth of what has happened in the sky Donbass (Ukraine) disaster on the airline's Boeing 777 Malaysia.
According to the article, this pilot admitted that he had hit the button on the MH17 cannon shot. Pictures of SU-25 pilots were captured and satellite introduced at a press conference of the Russian General Staff recently. Page fuer Deutschland Wahrheit this information is called "small victory for those who understand Putin".
According to the aforementioned source, previously, the experts of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to study the debris of the Boeing 777 at the disaster also made ​​similar comments early as pilot confession of Ukraine.
According to the Russian General Staff, SU-25 fighter has been on Ukraine's Donbass sky, close to the Boeing 777 shortly before the time of the disaster. In addition to the missile "not-to-air", SU-25 is equipped with 1 double-barreled cannon 30mm AO-17A with 250 bullets. Currently this information has not been independently verified, but many Russian journalists have been reprinted and is spreading rapidly on the Internet.
View video: Russia announced evidence Su-25 MH17 Ukraine comes close before the disaster.