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European Nationalism: Golden Dawn or Old and Gone?

That same quietly genocidal 2000 document targets
“right-wing extremist violence” but makes no mention of the idea
that “left-wing extremist violence” has ever existed. It claims
that “contemporary nationalism” is “based on obsolete and
destructive ideas of homogeneity which foster division and racial
hostility” and that “Europe must divest itself of the idea of a
white core culture and redefine ‘nation’ to mean the community
within the jurisdiction of the state….”
In other words, the softly totalitarian EU gets to dictate what
“Europe” is rather than, say, indigenous Europeans. And “Europe”
is now clearly a decade-old currency called “the euro” rather
than the landmass that has hosted indigenous Europeans for tens of
thousands of years. And if you dare
to question any of this, you obviously suffer from a fresh new mental
illness known as Europhobia.


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