European Nationalism: Golden Dawn or Old and Gone?

That same quietly genocidal 2000 document targets
“right-wing extremist violence” but makes no mention of the idea
that “left-wing extremist violence” has ever existed. It claims
that “contemporary nationalism” is “based on obsolete and
destructive ideas of homogeneity which foster division and racial
hostility” and that “Europe must divest itself of the idea of a
white core culture and redefine ‘nation’ to mean the community
within the jurisdiction of the state….”
In other words, the softly totalitarian EU gets to dictate what
“Europe” is rather than, say, indigenous Europeans. And “Europe”
is now clearly a decade-old currency called “the euro” rather
than the landmass that has hosted indigenous Europeans for tens of
thousands of years. And if you dare
to question any of this, you obviously suffer from a fresh new mental
illness known as
Kindly forget that the EU is headquartered in Belgium, a nation
rapidly falling apart due to ethnic incompatibility between the
Flemish and the Walloons.
None of
this is meant to imply that Greece’s Golden Dawn party doesn’t
play the role of fascist street goons con
mucho gusto.
Their well-muscled henchmen are known for physically attacking
illegal immigrants, leftists, and the occasional journalist. Their
latest TV ads focused on deporting illegal immigrants and urged
indigenous Greeks to help them “get rid of the stench.” Their
party flag resembles a
swastika in the process of unraveling, and they flash one another
the Roman salute with an enthusiasm unseen on European soil since the
1940s. Their party charter states that “only Aryans in blood and
Greeks in descent can be candidate members,” and
their leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos served prison time for possessing
Yet the ancient Greek nation once suffered under nearly four
hundred years of Ottoman occupation and has recently been flooded
with predominately Muslim immigrants who, according to various
estimates, suddenly comprise anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the
total population.
These days, hyper-centralized agencies such as the EU seem to
protect “indigenous rights” for everyone except indigenous
Europeans while condemning “colonialism” except when it comes to
the demographic colonization of Europe.
Is it possible that the globalist mantra is wrong and that
multiculturalism leads to conflict rather than harmony?
Only a detached leftist academic would think that in a time of
economic depression, mass immigration of mostly unassimilable and
often culturally hostile foreigners would help the working class
rather than harm it. Only a deluded leftist ideologue or a
media-brainwashed useful idiot would keep scratching their head at
the persistently stubborn resurgence of nationalism without pausing
to ponder that perhaps tribalism is an ineradicable human instinct
rather than a sinister psychological aberration.
In last week’s elections, Golden Dawn performed best in
crime-addled areas of central Athens, gaining up to a quarter of the
vote in some precincts. What could those voters possibly know that
might escape some faraway Brussels Eurocrat in their cramped grey
hypoallergenic cubicle?
What about reports that in some areas, Golden Dawn serves as a
“Robin Hood” agency that provides clothing and food for
vulnerable Greek nationals? Is it true that in certain Athenian
quadrants, imperiled Greeks are more likely to call in Golden Dawn
for physical protection before they’d ever call the police? Is it
possible that some Greeks feel that only Golden Dawn cares about
their survival and is willing to shed blood to ensure it?
Although media outlets cast a harsh spotlight on Golden Dawn’s
immigrant-bashing, they don’t focus nearly so much attention on
their fervid criticism of “global loan sharks,” “bailout
dictators,” and “international speculators” who are “selling
us out and looting the sweat of the Greek people.”
For some Greeks, it seems to have come down to a choice between
Golden Dawn and Goldman Sachs. “Why should they vote for us?”
asked party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos. “Because they have
nothing better.”

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