Aleppo, the FSA and the reality on the ground - report by AJE

Original title:Foreign fighters join the battle of Aleppo
At the frontline in Aleppo city, the young fighters are mainly from the countryside of the province. It has not been easy to stand up against the Syrian army, especially when the city did not rise up when rebels stormed some poor neighbourhoods and set up bases. While the majority of the fighters in Aleppo are Syrians, the war has however attracted Arabs who feel obliged to help the opposition who are mainly Sunni Muslims.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Aleppo city.


Now, one sincere question for all of the LLers - Would you like to have your own town or city overrun by half-literate hillbillies joined by foreign religious wacos (preferably Wahhabis/Salafis) ???

I surely think no...