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FIAT of Turin, Italy robs America with only 20% stake + Portland dealership begs for lifeline/subversion of capitalism.

It's a story about a local car dealer named Alex laws and his father Art and 82 years in the car business.

Now you're probably saying...well, I've heard the story. Chrysler has put them out of business. Let me give you the headlines:

Did you know that Chrysler doesn't save a dime by closing all those dealers (they pay their own employees, finance the cars on their lots, finance the parts in their parts department)

So why would they do it. well, fiat (Italian company) is calling the shots. Now how do you like that. American taxpayer dollars finance the structured bankruptcy of an American company. Then a foreign company to with only 20 percent ownership orders dealers closed with no direct
benefit to Chrysler...except that (per automotive news) fiat wants the "Toyota" model of just a few dealers selling mass numbers of cars Chrysler makes big cars and trucks...and fiat

Added: May-21-2009 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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