MOON LANDING HOAX: Van Allen Radiation Belt

Van Allen Radiation Belt.

A field of radiation that surrounds the planet with 25,000 miles in length. No organic unit can go through this field of radiation which as shown here, it was felt about 600 miles away from it... If the ill effects of the Van Allen Radiation Belt were felt 600 miles away from it, what makes you think that you can withstand 25,000 miles of traveling through it? In a 1969 tin can running off less power than a calculator no less?

We can send machines; and that's how we got the moon rocks pictures etc.. we also send machines to Mars Saturn and many other places. But not 'man' per se.

Moon Landing Hoax! NASA Unwittingly Reveals Van Allen Radiation Belts Prohibit Human Spaceflight. (2min vid incl)

Since Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, passed away a few days ago, I thought I’d post the following NASA article which was released recently.

The following is a comment with the username un4g1v3n1

“NASA is still seeking to develop technology to safeguard humans for spaceflight into radiation-laden space within and beyond the Van Allen Radiation belts, and the protection provided by our magnetosphere.”

“Until that technology is available, our exploits into space will continue to be well below the beginning of radiation belts so intense, Van Allen called them a SEA of DEADLY RADIATION. What we know from the effects of radiation on Earth teaches us that Apollo was nothing more than mere FANTASY.” (end of comment by username un4g1v3n1)

According to the you tube vid below, every space ship, whether Russian or American with humans aboard, beginning in 1961 to the present, all have maintained altitudes of one thousand miles well below the Van Allen Radiation Belts. The only space craft to go through the 25,000 miles of those belts was the Apollo.

Question: If it’s NOT possible to presently pass through these deadly radiation belts, how was it possible for the Apollo to pass through and land on the moon without any danger to the astronauts in 1969? They didn’t have the technology to do so, as the following article seems to indicate. (do you notice anything wrong with that pic?)

Here’s the NASA article.

AFP Aug.30, 2012

NASA launched two satellites into space on Thursday to explore the belts of radioactive particles orbiting the Earth, in a mission that is the first of its kind.

The twin spacecraft will spend the next two years exploring the so-called Van Allen belt that is filled with highly-charged particles and at times poses a danger to communications, GPS satellites and even human spaceflight.

“Scientists will learn in unprecedented detail how the radiation belts are populated with charged particles, what causes them to change and how these processes affect the upper reaches of the atmosphere around Earth,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

“The information collected from these probes will benefit the public by allowing us to better protect our satellites and understand how space weather affects communications and technology on Earth.”

The satellites — buttressed with protective plating — blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida aboard an Atlas V 401 rocket.

NASA’s latest mission comes just weeks after the space agency landed its $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity rover on the surface of the Red Planet, breaking new ground in US-led exploration of an alien world.


Watch the 10 min version of the video below which is titled “greatest proof man didn’t land on the moon”.

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