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Old Polish Cygan (Gypsy) giving an interview.

This guy says in the interview that he'd worked for the power lines - High Voltage for 35 years.

He said that one wrong move and only shes would fall to the ground, Not a body... and Now...

He's now retired and getting a pension of about $500 polish zloty per month. $500 zl = about $220 bucks per month more or less.

He's now holding the sign in the streets to make ends meet.
When the car drives by, he starts going off on the government, how it's just a bunch of thieves in power, how they fu..ed him over.

He says,, How can I work on the High Voltage Power Lines for 35 years and have a pension like I do?????? They F..ked me over! now I got to hold up this stupid heavy sign all day to make a $1.00/hour just to make ends meet..

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By: figatomek
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