Ukraine Junta Shooting Down of MH17 May Be War Crime Says UN

Photo Russian Spetnaz Troops protecting evidence in the MH17 crash zone from Ukrainian Junta shelling

Australian Media source New Daily reports:

Jul 28 Bulent Kilic and Dario Thuburn Fighting prevents investigators accessing crash site amid talk of war crimes. Pro-Russian militants block the road behind Dutch and Australian forensic teams.

Heavy shelling around the crash site of downed Malaysian flight MH17 has forced Dutch and Australian police to scrap another planned trip to ground zero. The unarmed contingent of law enforcement officers were due to head to the location 10 days after the disaster following a deal
with rebels aimed at allowing a long-delayed probe to go ahead.

Pilots demanded to turn back but international observers overseeing the trip had to abruptly ditch their plans on Sunday after clashes shattered a supposed truce between government forces and insurgents in the area around the site, where some remains of the 298 victims still
lie decomposing under the summer sun.

I'd “There is fighting going on. We can’t take the risk,” said Alexander Hug, deputy chief monitor of the European security body OSCE’s special mission in Ukraine. “The security situation on the way to the site and on the site itself is unacceptable for our unarmed observer mission,” he told reporters in the insurgent stronghold Donetsk.

Artillery bombardments could be heard just a kilometre from the rebel-held town of Grabove next to the crash site as black smoke billowed into the sky.

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