Protests in Maribor, Slovenia (Police Brutality)

26th of November, Maribor, Slovenia
Maribor's mayor, Franc Kangler has been involved in several scandals during the mayoral career, mostly accusing him of corruption and clientelism. Currently, he is facing ten pre-trial or criminal charges due to different reasons.

About 10.000 people gathered together on the Square of Liberty and then moved towards city hall. They called for resignation of the mayor Franc Kangler.
Authorities didn't like that, so they sent special police forces againsts the crowd. Also, there was police helicopter present and some policemen on horses. Some teargas and pepper spray has been used on the group of non-violent protestors. This has led to resistance and conflicts with the police forces which answered with brutality.

About 10 police officers has been hurt, and unknown number of protestors.