Andy Herren, Homosexual Racist Big Brother Contestant- Fire Him?

Andy Herren, the in-your-face homosexual on Big Brother has exposed his homosexist, racist bigotry in todays live feeds.

He was referencing how he came out of a liquor store with one of his many multiple anonymous sexual deathstyle partners and he said he saw a bunch of thugs outside.....and he added they were the typical thugs with afro combs.

Wow, look at the racist, negro-phobic hatred and stereotyping bigotry spewing out of the homosexuals' venomous mouth.

We call on Big Brother to renounce and rebuke the homosexuals intolerant racist bigotry, kick him off the show without pay, and for the University of Illinois that employes this homosexual, racist monster to fire him just like free speech hating homobigots are calling for Chase to fire Alec Baldwin as Chase's spokesman.

Since homosexuals are ferociously attacking our basic human rights of free speech by engaging in economic terrorism against everyone who refuses to affirm their chosen sexual deathstyle and their hateful propaganda campaign of fascist bigotry (See Alec Baldwin et al), turn about is fair play, heterophobes.