Bashar Al Assad new strategy - key to victory

Assad with the help of Iran and Hezbollah preparing a major offensive against the Islamic state


Syrian President Bashar Assad - as from Damascus called war correspondent of the Italian newspaper La Stampa Maurizio Molinari - saves joint counteroffensive against Islamist forces.

Molinari, referring to its sources in Syria, says that Asad army controls only 40 percent of the national territory, and now consolidates control over these "remnants".

Italian journalist claims that the striking force of counter-Asad be a "Shiite paramilitary group".

Molinari added that recently visited Damascus, Ali Akbar Velayati, an adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Hamneja and that the Assad regime in Tehran approve a loan of one billion dollars.

La Stampa transfers and claims, "American and Arab sources" that the main objective of counter-Asad - prevent the Islamists to surround Damascus.

Now the capital of Syria from the north threatens the Islamic group "Army of conquest" composed recently at war and Džebhat an-Nusra. From the east attacked units of the Islamic state, and to the south - Mujahedin formations controlled by the Americans and the British.

On Asadovoj side is Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, whose leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said: "We will also lose if Assad falls."

Hezbollah is Assad counteroffensive to put at the disposal of 5,000 fighters.

Molinari writes to Hezbollah to fight on the side Asadovoj recruits and the Lebanese Druze and Christians.

According to his testimony, Asad intends to rapidly form a numerous and powerful "assault infantry" that will act in coordination with the Shiite detachments, which is already up to 15,000 people.

Molinari argues that the "director" of formation and a mini-army general Kasem Iranian Sulejmani.

Assault Army will also have planes, tanks and artillery. Its task - underlines La Stampa - will be causing jihadists - the defeat of the rebels and to create conditions for a political solution to the crisis.

Damascus account that all of this will have the support of its main strategic ally - Russia.

Assad military leadership with Iranian military advisors ready for "operation surprises"

7-15 THOUSAND VOLUNTEERS-Shiites from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for SYRIA

FRANCE Agence France Presse announced that it has arrived in Damascus about 7,000 Iranian and Iraqi Shia volunteers. Ready to fight on the side of the legitimate Syrian President Bashar Assad.Almost simultaneously the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported that Tehran sends Assad to help as many as 15,000 Iranian, Iraqi and Afghani volunteers who have already begun to arrive in Damascus and Latak.

It is too early to assess: what is this really true. But that something "cooks" - cooked. Some already speak of an impending "operation surprises."

This conclusion is suggested by the fact that last week the commander of Iran's elite force "Quds" - General Masud Sulejmani - said that the whole world will be surprised by what saved Syrian military leadership and the Iranian military advisers.

The most modest speculation operate with "full unblocking of Damascus." More ambitious - to "taking control of the line of the river Orontes-Hama-Homs-Damas and the entire territory between it and the Mediterranean".A third assumption: that the Iranians and Asad generals are preparing more offensive and counter attacked with the ambition to reverse the whole further course of the war. Of course, in favor of Syria, to the detriment of the Islamic state and the other satellites in the United States, Turkey and the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

On the side of the Syrian government and previously fought Shiites from Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan Hazarejci, only it was much less. Actually, in the beginning it was most Iraqis, but now at least because they are the offensive of the Islamic state, many returned to their country.

However, Baghdad has already managed to mobilize the needed 100,000 people to continue the war, and Tehran failed to bring Syria back to a larger number of Iraqi Shiites.

It is not excluded that in Syria arrive as volunteers and members of the Iranian Army. Not only officers ...

Iranian General Qasem Soleimani saves Syrian offensive on Islamic state

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Samhan June 3 indicated three red lines of Iran on the occasion of the terrorist activities of the Islamic state.

"Any threat to the Islamic state Baghdad and the Shiite holy shrines, as well as any attempt of approaching militants Iranian state border - these are three red lines of the Islamic Republic for the group" - said Rear Admiral and former defense minister of Iran.

Western and Russian media are generally understood Šamhanijevo warning about the inadmissibility of that "kalifatlije" came near the border zone of 40 kilometers with Iran, but the Admiral was in fact much broader defined "red lines", but it would like to see in the West and in the Russian Federation .

His statement came after a series of local Islamists defeat in Anbar province in Iraq, whose center Ramadi not so long ago conquered easily, filling their military arsenals.

Explanation of words of Rear Admiral Šamhanija came later, when on June 5, the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star published almost sensational news. Yes from Iran to Syria moves corps of 15 thousand Shiite volunteers, which includes the Shiites in Afghanistan and Iraq ....A direct threat to the terrorists in the region is general Qasem Qasem Soleimani, commander of a special formation of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps-Quds Al which is formed precisely for operations abroad. Qasem Soleimani Syria is working as a military adviser and is located somewhere in the province of Latakia and the Syrian Army is preparing a counter attack, insurgents and Shiite volunteers.

Sami Syrians are still performed counter-attack on 30 May on several positions terrorists north of Damascus and Homs, and, according to the Syrian news agency SANA, very successful - so much so that already talking about a possible counteroffensive on-Palmyra Tadmor, and even with border with Turkey.

Lebanese Daily Star reported that troops of President Bashar al-Assad and prepare counter-attack from the south, in coordination with the forces that prepares General Qasem Soleimani.

In addition, the leader of the Lebanese party Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, immediately after the report on entry to Syria Shiite 15,000 volunteers came out with the statement that in a neighboring country sends another 5,000 Lebanese Shiites.

This is not a small although Hezbollah's 7,000 volunteers in recent months helped Alawites, Shiites and Christians of Syria to reject attacks Islamists.

Therefore, Syria is preparing something, but they are hardly relevant sources talked about "accidentally" just before the parliamentary elections in Turkey, held on June 7, during which it was discovered that the position of the opponents of Turkish "guardianship" over Ankara's Islamic militants in the country has increased significantly Turkish society.In addition, a few days ago it became known that Iran Damascus approves a loan of one billion dollars.

In fact, Iran and Russia (with China in the background) are now the only allies Syria and only they really contribute to the destruction of the Islamic state.

No wonder the president of the Syrian Parliament Jihad al-Laham, being in an official visit to Tehran, June 1, thanks precisely to these countries to assist his people in the fight against terrorism. Plus, of course, Hezbollah.

They were ordinary Syrian soldiers and rebels recently liquidated "Foreign Minister" of the Islamic State of Mohammed al-Galaba Muhejra together with his brother and a few associates, and not a "precision strike" Western anti-terrorist coalition led by the US, as the West is trying to promote it.

Special attention is drawn to the fact that now the Iranians initiate insertion in Syria Shia not only from Iran and Afghanistan but also from Iraq. Thus, the situation Shiites in Iraq is not so bad, even taking into account the fact that part of Ramadi and Anbar province remains under control takfirista?But, unfortunately, completely accurate "front line" in Iraq, few know, so we can not say for sure that it is completely eliminated, for example, the threat Baghdad or danger of penetration of militants at the border with Iranom.Izvesno is that of May 26, the water operations for the liberation of Ramadi and that it involved the Iraqi army and police together to Shiite insurgents.

The willingness of the Iraqi Shiite militias that went to Syria indicates thinking that in Iraq "kalifatisti" does not survive very well given.

When he announced on June 8 that the Syrian army even spread "security belt" around one of the gas sources that are attacking and attacking takfiristi after-Palmyra Tadmor, that did not produce nor surprise, nor any special joy in Syria, Iraq and Iran and a sign that informed people in these countries expect something more.Day June 5 general - particularly relevant for the Shia community in the region. When Iran this day sent third diplomatic warning to Saudi Arabia regarding Yemen, started a series of defeats "opponents" Shiites and Arbijskom Peninsula.According to information from the Turkish news agency Anadolu, Charge d'Affaires of Saudi Arabia in Tehran was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, where he was handed a protest note because of air strikes by the coalition led by Yemen in Riyadh.

During one of these airstrikes two rockets fell near the Iranian embassy in Sana'a.

The last time, on the 30th of April this year, a Saudi diplomat was forced to listen to an Iranian protest over interference (by plane Air Force Saudi kingdom) landing in the Yemeni capital of Iranian cargo plane with humanitarian aid.Flights Iranian Red Crescent carrying humanitarian aid twice could not land in Sana for the Saudi military aviation operations, so that he was forced to go back.

"Such actions of Saudi Arabia are against international law, and in any case not be acceptable", - noted then in his note to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

On the same day, a military source in the army of Yemen said that in the frontier province Džizan - south of plush and east of the city Atvala - soldiers and members of the Shiite movement Al Ansar managed to destroy three officers and six Saudi soldiers.In addition, the Yemeni Army and People's Committee have burned Saudi fortified checkpoint in Al-Tvelek, where he destroyed a large stock oružja.Prema military sources, Enma town in the province of Aden by the army and fighters of National Committee has been cleared of terrorists of Al-Qaeda and Islamic radicals of Al-Islah, which had suffered heavy casualties.

The Sani tens of thousands of citizens took to the demonstrations in protest against the continuous aggression against Saudi Arabia. The protesters were categorically rejected attempts Saudi regime and its allies to impose unacceptable conditions Yemeni, stressing that the Yemeni people will triumph over the aggressor.From the observer did not remain hidden the fact that some parts of the government army, though still loyal to deposed Saudi-American resident of Abd-Rabu Mansur Hadi, who is hiding just in Saudi Arabia,now with the Shiites-Hussites army shattered the Saudi Kingdom and are cleaned several areas of Yemen, terrorists and Islamists and transfer combat operations on the territory of the aggressor.

The connection of this whole kaleidoscope of events with a rocket attack on the Iranian embassy in Sana'a, and the protest note of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the Saudis, in our opinion, is obvious, we are entitled to in accordance with the information about the planned opštešiitskoj help Syria 20 thousand dobovoljaca , assume that:Iran and the Shiites in the region prepare, iskoritićimo terminology of General Kassem Solejmanija, "a big surprise" for the radical-takfiriste the Islamic state and the state patron of these bandits.

It is interesting - in which the state will expel Shiites "surprised" by the mercenaries and takfiriste in Turkey or Saudi Arabia (over Iraq)?

It seems that now we can ask this question, though, of course, to the final turn in the war in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, are still far away.