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Anti-gun Saldaña travels with armed escort

CA has used that threat for so long: 'you'd better shut up before we take that right from you also, and it will be entirely your fault'..pretty soon nothing left to take.

"debate..whether citizens have the right to open carry"...what part of "keep and BEAR arms" are we not understanding here, constitutional scholar?

Saldana's peeps aren't represented here but committing most of the crime (after blacks) and bankrupting the state (more than blacks): mostly White and she's gotta shut 'em down. Trying to lower/diminish our histrionics, compare us with her constituency, shifting blame, attention, focus to another non-issue: just might possibly maybe be a threat to law enforcement when hispanic males rule that roost w/ impunity and documented history.


Added: Jun-24-2010 
By: HydrogenEconomy
Tags: anti, gun, assemblywoman, saldana, packing, heat, CA, open, carry
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