Anti-gun Saldaña travels with armed escort

CA has used that threat for so long: 'you'd better shut up before we take that right from you also, and it will be entirely your fault'..pretty soon nothing left to take.

"debate..whether citizens have the right to open carry"...what part of "keep and BEAR arms" are we not understanding here, constitutional scholar?

Saldana's peeps aren't represented here but committing most of the crime (after blacks) and bankrupting the state (more than blacks): mostly White and she's gotta shut 'em down. Trying to lower/diminish our histrionics, compare us with her constituency, shifting blame, attention, focus to another non-issue: just might possibly maybe be a threat to law enforcement when hispanic males rule that roost w/ impunity and documented history.

Anti-gun assembly member travels with armed security escort

Saldaña testifying in a body armor vest.
(Rich Pedroncelli / The Associated Press)Oakland's has posted a video of an open carry debate hosted by the Commonwealth Club in the East Bay city of Lafayette. At the end of it, we learn that CA Assembly member Lori Saldaña, author of a bill to ban the practice of open carry in California, travels under the protection of an armed security detail.

Click here to watch it and then come on back for a discussion.

The first thing that strikes me is how the media frames terms, and correspondent Debora Villalon crossed a line from objective reporter to editorialist when she characterized citizens carrying firearms as "flaunting their right to pack heat."

Karen Arntzen of the Brady Campaign stuck to the talking point that armed citizens are "extending personal risk out to society." This, of course, is the same argument they've used to fight concealed carry laws as well (along with making insulting and unfounded Dodge City analogies). Among the numerous problems with her contention: It directly contradicts a new admission by Brady Communications Director Peter Hamm:

Hamm said criminals are more likely to pick a target who isn't armed.

Of the attendees interviewed, the one who disappoints is the self-described "Second Amendment guy" who says he doesn't care. Just great, buddy. If it's not your ox being gored let the government do what it wants. So who's going to care when it is your ox?

Come we now to the focus of this piece, Lori Saldaña, a politician who is working to ensure you have no choice when it comes to armed personal defense. Saldana claims "it's really about intimidation" and "a real mistrust of law enforcement."

It's not that the irony of cops being the "Only Ones" armed (aside from criminals, of course) escapes her, it's that she doesn't care. She's got hers and intends to keep it that way as we learn she is traveling with an armed security detail because, as with testifying in a protective vest (see photo, above), it creates great media theater and provides an instant visual that her political opponents must be violent armed extremists.

Her justification for the armed escort? She's become a "lightning rod" and "she's had to step up her personal protection."

And if you have to "step up" yours?

[Thanks to Anthony Bouchard for the news tip]


Man in the middle

I just noticed the following comment on a prior column and wanted to share it with you:

middleman says: Since when does the governing of our nation pivot solely on the support for assault weapons. You and all of your drug-lord loving friends need to get a grip and quit hiding behind the 2nd. Why don't you move to the Arizona or Texas border and experience the assault weapon diaster we have on our hands.

Explain your lack of support for the law enforcement folks down there that are ducking or taking automatic rounds from the very weapons we make available to drug cartels and other human rights violators. Our military and our police officers are the only folks who need assault weapons.

Why don't you consider what political leaders have done to make sure the right folks have the assault weapons, instead of making them available to everyone which includes most prominently the criminals that your open ended vote will support. Get real and put your stubborn politics aside for a moment and think.

So many errors in "reasoning," particularly with his completely falling for the automatic=semiautomatic deception. If you'd like to try and see if he's capable of putting his stubborn ignorance aside for a moment and thinking, be my guest.


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