Colombian navy intercept an illegal nicaraguan fishing boat.

The Nicaraguan-flagged fishing boat, which was planning to fish illegally within 30 miles of Serrania and within the common system area between Colombia and Jamaica.
The trawler, named 'Daddy D', was detected by a Colombian Navy helicopter, in the area of ​​Bajo Alicia. During the patrol, the crew realized that they were fishing from canoes, and with divers, practice which is prohibited in Colombia.

Also found them to be carrying 83 people including crew, fishermen, divers and canoeists, of which 25 were not reported in the documents of departure, constituting a serious violation of safety and international standards that protect human life at sea.

Specific Command of San Andres and Providencia (Colombia) ordered the displacement of the frigate ARC Caldas to proceed with the ban.

The crew must respond to CTI for the crime of illegal exploitation of natural resources and infringements of the rules of the Merchant Marine. Additionally, with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, Migration Colombia and Harbor Master, who estimate the fines.