Ukraine sells Polish weapons to terrorists in Middle East

We, CyberBerkut, declare that we have disclosed arms trade corruption schemes, which the Ukrainian authorities are involved in.

This week we've hacked email of the head of Polish arms company "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovsky. The materials we've obtained became the basis of our study and today we are ready to share its results with you.

According to these documents, "Level 11" supplies military products to Ukraine through the state-owned scientific and industrial association "Fort" located in Vinnitsa and integrated in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Police Major General Viktor Pisarenko has been the head of this institution for more than 10 years.

His machinations have repeatedly been the subject of journalist's investigations. However, Mr. Pisarenko survived all the lustrations primarily because of his close personal ties to Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Groisman, whose political careers are inseparably associated with Vinnitsa.

He also made a good team with his new chief – Minister Avakov. To do this he should be a quick-witted general, and if the Minister recommends "Level 11" as a partner, you should agree. First things first.

As we’ve already noted, one of the main Forts' partners is the Polish company "Level 11". Here's the target-user's certificate for the supply of two million rounds for "Luger" and "Makarov" ammunition.

Minister Avakov and his freelance adviser and also Ukrainian People's Deputy Anton Gerashchenko has led this company to the Ukrainian market.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov has contributed to this.

However, Mr. Kzyukovsky has no direct access to the National Security Council. As we can see from the massage of the Polish "businessman", Anton Gerashchenko lobbied the interests of his company in Ukraine.

In the e-mail conversation of the "Level 11" head we have also found the contract for the supply of 265 pieces of ZU-23-2 23mm twin-barrel anti-aircraft guns for $14 million euro, which allegedly are destined for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine.

It's just an ordinary contract. The question is what is the purpose for such amount of anti-aircraft guns in the structure of the National Guard of Ukraine? Let us leave this question to Ukrainian journalists.

It appears that "Level 11" attracts subcontractors to complete the contracts. In case of "Fort" the subcontractor was "Blessway ltd.", which is registered in Cyprus and run by a certain Vasily Babitsky. Here's the document which unveils the discussion between general Pisarenko and Mr. Babitsky concerning ammunition delivery to Ukraine.

Ukraine is not the only business partner of "Blessway ltd." In one of the weapon supply contracts signed with Saudi Arabia, among other items, we have found 265 pieces (!) of ZU-23-2 23mm twin-barrel anti-aircraft guns. We have already seen this number somewhere, haven't we? Were these weapons sent to Saudi Arabia instead of Ukraine?

One would think – where are the links between "Level 11", "Blessway ltd", Ukrainian MIA, Mr. Avakov and Mr. Gerashchenko?

In fact, everything is simple. Firstly, the director of the company "Blessway ltd." located on Cyprus Vasily Babitsky is a Ukrainian citizen.

Secondly, he is the vice-president of "Level 11" at the same time. According to the data from open Polish databases he is also a co-owner and a shareholder of this company. Now it's clear why Mr. Kzhykovsky has so many documents linked to "Blessway ltd." in his mailbox.

he circle has been closed: Mr. Babitsky and Mr. Kzhykovsky sell weapons to each other at a higher price; Mr. Pisarenko, Mr. Gerashchenko and Mr. Avakov "applies" Western financial aid to reform the power structures and gets cash back from arms dealers.

And no one cares that these weapons are not used by Saudi Arabian armed forces. Terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan get them. Besides anti-aircraft guns, modern MANPADS and other weapons able to shoot down any military warplanes may appear in other contracts. As a result, the Western masters of Kiev junta unconsciously finance the supply of the arms which will be used against them in The Middle East. And there's no guarantee that American F-16 fighter jet recently shot down was not hit due to Mr. Avakov and Mr. Gerashchenko's "efforts".

P.S. One bird told us that Mr. Babitsky and Mr. Avakov are distant relatives and Mr. Babitsky got acquainted with Mr. Gerashchenko in the 2000's in Kharkov region, where they both struggled for the prosperity of Mr. Avakov. The bird must be mistaken. And undoubtedly this is a coincidence that Mr. Babitsky as well as Mr. Avakov was born in Baku.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!