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Hanging in Iran

Hanging is the most common form of execution in Iran. Group hangings are prefered in urban areas, where they can get the most visibility. Can you imagine being out on your lunch break one day, or commuting to work, or on your way to do shopping or anything, and passing by this scene? How would you feel? Imagine living in a culture where this is "normal"...

Too often I have marveled at the new uses Muslims find for the everyday technologies many of us use daily. Muslims turn passenger planes into flying suicide bombs, cell phones into remote controls for detonating bombs, and here, they use the simple construction crane as an execution device.

But why not use a gallows? The cranes have special advantages over a gallows or trap door drop, that many other countries use. A sudden drop like is used with a trap door, breaks the neck of the person being executed, and they loose consciou

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Added: Feb-7-2011 
By: lebenskuntzler
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