New Anti-Gun Propaganda from TIME

Idiots with an agenda can make some of the most laughable propaganda sometimes. If you can point out the video's fallacies, fuck ups, and fantastical nonsense, I'll give you some candy.


Fuck ups and fantastical nonsense @ 0:04
- the gun pictured is not an AK
- the sound effect is one of an automatic weapon being fired; the AKs to be made available to civilians will not be automatic.

Fallacy @ 0:17
- the gun pictured is being "bump-fired" to give the illusion that it is an automatic rifle, which it is not.

Fuck up? @ 0:23
- no receiver cover. Why? So we can all be exposed to the horror that goes on internally?

Fantastical nonsense @ 0:25
- dramatic, stupid ass gun sound effect added.

Fuck up @ 0:45
- again, not an AK.

Fantastical nonsense @ 1:18
- "...the AK-47 has been at the heart of chaos." Want to know what's been more at the heart of chaos than the AK? Man's heart.

Fuck up @ 1:36
- another gun that's not an AK.


By: Single_Malt_Swill (465.30)

Tags: AK-47, "assault" rifle, liberal anti-gun asshattedness

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