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The Holocaust - Different facts

Please read and discuss - I'm neutral in this matter and would like your thoughts about the facts provided .
RIP for all lost lives in WW2

The “Holocaust”

is a Typical Zionist Myth
By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi
(Ph.D. International Relations)

1. Introduction
2. Zionist Lies

3. How and Why the “Holocaust” Lies Started

4. Scholars and Historians Deny the “Holocaust”

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The word "holocaust" means an extensive destruction of humans by other humans resulting in the massive loss of life, especially by fire. However, the so-called "holocaust" by Nazi Germany against Jews is actually based on two major lies.
The first lie says that the Nazis killed "6 million" Jews. Because this figure is extremely exaggerated, it is a lie (see below for some reasonable and unbiased estimates).

The second lie says that these


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