Gov. Insiders are building secret Mega Fund, while starving you

Citizens are rising up, and more are talking [ So, this is current, in the real news, and people are organizing, right now.

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There is a US national and worldwide movement to ask for an audit.

In the US, DHS armored vehicles are being deployed to prevent audits and are now running the highways. These vehicles, manned, are to prevent citizens from organizing to demand audits of the Central Banks. These vehicles are bomb proof, repel even the largest military caliber bullets, and are basically tanks with large tires that will still operate without air in them. Why would a government say it is out of money and then spend trillions to make all nations one big prison complex?

If we lived in a "free society", a Democratic Republic, the police and courts would protect citizen free speech after they have been ripped off by international organized crime, NOT BE SIDING WITH THE CENTRAL BANKERS. Citizens holding signs are prosecuted, not the elite criminals stealing trillions and who are accessories to murders, War Crimes, and the biggest embezzlement in the history of the world. The international elite want the US Constitution to disappear permanently. OWS, Occupy Wall St, is one of their biggest threats. That is allegedly why their is an FBI plan to assassinate its leaders.

There is still time to demand and get an audit. Criminal elite bankers belong hanging from ropes after trials or in prison, not making policies, robbing, raping, torturing, confining, and killing us.

Don't be a willing victim.

There are a few people who have figured out the government insider embezzlement scheme. Most citizens don't know the correct questions to ask. When officials say there is not enough money, they say that it isn't in the budget for let's say, police officers in the most dangerous parts of a city. Well, there is enough money, it just isn't in the budget they meandered. So many tax dollars are siphoned off for special funds. The so-called "Rainy Day Funds", "Set aside funds", "Pension funds" etc are almost never used for the stated purpose. Interest is being paid on these accounts.

Money is being invested, and insiders have use of these funds and are treating it like their own private piggy bank.

They are doing this while telling you that you are not allowed. These international organized criminals who are the UN, Central Bankers, and Corporations (criminal governments without borders), are tell you that since you need the basic services and there isn't enough money they are charging you interest on money you have to borrow based on money you will make in the future. What a scam!

The criminals who stole from you are charging you interest to pay back money they stole in the first place. Does this sound insane? Learn what is the CAFR. It is the total accounting of the money.

Ask for audits.

No matter where you live in the world these criminals are pulling the same scam.

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