Video Shows the Beautiful Terrorists the US Financed the Ukrainian Nazi National Guard Battalions To Kill

It is a fact that the US government has met directly with the Ukrainian National Guard Volunteer Battalion leaders. Senators Bob Corker, Robert Menedez, John McCain and Jim Imhofe met with Semen Semechenko and other leaders of the Ukrainian murderous fascist battalions before passing legislation to arm and finance that military. Senator Inhofe made headlines recently when he disclosed fake evidence of a Russian invasion given to him by Semen Semencheko. The US government is training those battalions and supplying them with equipment as they are now officially integrated into the Ukrainian military. Their leader, the Right Sectors Dmitry Yarosh has recently been awarded an official government position by President Petro Poroshenko.

Throughout the Ukrainian Conflict, the aforementioned National Guard Volunteer battalions have conducted the majority of the killing of innocent civilians in formerly East Ukraine, such as these hopeful young people of Luhansk. The National Guard Battalions atrocities have been reported by Humans Rights Watch, Amnesty International and The Red Cross, as well as by numerous US and EU mainstream media outlets.

It is a complete injustice that the optimistic, fun loving young people in the attached video are labeled as Terrorists. Obviously they are not Terrorists. Throughout the last year over 6,000 innocent civilians have been killed by the Kiev regimes relentless bombing of civilian populated towns and cities. Over 1 million ethnic Russian Ukrainians have fled to Russia, not to Kiev, to Russia. Here's a link to an example of one such optimistic young girl of the same age as these Terrorists. She was 16 and blown apart along with her family by the Kiev regimes National Guard battalions. They murdered her and her family Her body is at the 1 minute mark. Graphic Warning.

She was just like these other Novorossiyian teens. It is estimate that over 250 teenagers were victims of the Kiev regimes bombings. Please help spread the word that the US and EU media and governments are lying about the Ukrainian Conflict and who the victims are, these young people are not Terrorists. Their fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters are the men and women who have been fighting and defeating the Kiev regime. This video proves without a doubt that we are all being lied to by the US and EU media.