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To text is to sin

The devil comes in many forms, and knows how to keep up with the times. Thankfully, so do the other side.

Only a few months ago the Pope was using his channel on YouTube to warn against our "obsessive" use of mobile phones and the net.

This week came the news that senior Italian Catholic clerics are urging their flocks to give up texting, Facebook and Twitter for Lent.

Renouncing texting would enable young people to "detox from the virtual world and get back in touch with themselves", said Monsignor Benito Cocchi, the bishop of Modena in northern Italy, who launched the campaign.

He also called for computer games, iPhones and social networking sites such as Facebook to be avoided. His appeal has been supported by churches across Italy.

Italians are the second most prolific text messagers in Europe after the British, with each person sending 50 a month on average.



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