Proof that Ukrainian regime lied and had BUKs in the shootdown zone of MH-17

This video was taken by the Kiev regime themselves and uploaded on July 16th. They have repeated denied that they had any active BUK systems in the area that MH-17 was shot down. This video, that they filmed themselves and is taken from their own You Tube channel, without a doubt, proves that they lied and also that US senator John McCain also lied as proven below.

John McCain says they have no BUKs. Link to John McCains statement on live TV. At the 32 second mark of the following You Tube video, John McCain is caught outright lying on CNN saying that "the Ukrainians do not have BUKs".

Kiev has been caught outright lying about their own BUK missiles being active in the shootdown zone of MH-17. The Associated Press filmed them with the BUKs. Link here: