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Galaxies Undercounted in Cosmic Census

Galaxies Undercounted in Cosmic Census
By Clara Moskowitz Senior Writer
posted: 24 March 2010
02:04 pm ET

The United States wants everyone to stand up and be counted in the 2010 census, but meanwhile many galaxies have been undercounted in their own celestial census.

It turns out that about 90 percent of distant galaxies do not show up in a commonly used galaxy survey method, a new study has found.

"If there are 10 galaxies seen, there could be a hundred there," said study leader Matthew Hayes of the Observatory of the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

A common way to search for galaxies is to look for a thin range of light emitted by hydrogen within the galaxies called the Lyman-alpha line. Scientists have suggested that some of the Lyman-alpha light never makes it to our telescopes on Earth because it is absorbed by gas and dust within the distant galaxi

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