Casino spotlights reflecting off ufo above niagara falls

Niagara Falls residents and tourists were left to ponder after seeing an unusual, spectral pattern in the night sky over the tourist district for a period between 9 p.m. and midnight on Okt 17 2009.

Some say the unidentified phenomenon looked like a metallic object hovering motionless and without sound.

"At first it look like a circular tear in the sky," said Joshua Green, who lives on Robinson Street.

"When the spotlights from the casino would rotate, they would hit the object . . . and it would illuminate the object and create a flash coming back down.

"I had never seen anything like that before."

I called my sister and told her to go outside and look at the sky. I called my father to see if he had any idea what might be. He went outside and said he's never seen anything like that."

A tourist said he and his wife were walking along Victoria Avenue near Clifton Hill when they noticed "everybody on the street was looking up in the night sky."

Scott Jordan wrote: "When the four search lights that light up the night sky (over Niagara Falls) came together it appeared like there was something in the sky and it was reflecting the light."

A Niagara Regional Police spokesman said Sunday afternoon he was unaware of any reports coming into police overnight.

Mayor Ted Salci was surprised to hear about the unusual incident, too.

Salci said if it was some kind of object, he doesn't know what it could have been.

I work at The Old Stone Inn on Robinson Street and have seen these lights on three diferent occassions in the past 3 weeks.

I have shown co-workers and tourist walking by our buisness, and all verfied that I was seeing what I was seeing.
These lights are amazing. Sometimes there are just a couple of them, but I have seen 10-12 of them hovering in the sky at the same time.

Oh, and they do move their positions, not to mention change their shape and size and reflect light back to earth. How does light reflect light? Is that possible?

I told my parents about these lights the first time I seen them, and to my surprise they didn't think I was nuts.
They went on to explain that a week earlier they were at a local bingo hall and seen a weird light in the sky.

They described it as a spotlight shining down from the sky, but not reaching the ground.
Then it just disappeared.
Anyway I'll try and catch this phenomenon on camera if it happens again.

I have the best vantage point because each time I've seen these lights they are literally right ontop of The Old Stone Inn where I work.
I can tell you that during the day (Saturday) there was nothing attached or flying over the casino, they usually do not do that sort of thing due to tourism helicopters flying by the falls during the daylight hours.

I witnessed this at about 10pm about 5 km away from this video's location while walking my dog, it was a pretty clear and unobstructed view, i sat there for about 4 minutes, it was kind of spooky, it reminded me of in the movies, Independence day, where the fighter jets shoot at the UFO and their "Plasma shield" would block the shots.

It was like the light would not penetrate or shine through some force field that was around this object in the sky, that's my observation anyways.
I don't understand why everyone believes this is the first time this has happened.
I've seen these lights 3 different times in the past 3 weeks. I also don't get why people keep saying there was only one object and that it didn't move.

Myself and several of my coworkers all saw the same thing. Several lights hovering above our hotel.
Although they do no move out of the area they do move slowly, change their shape, and their brightness.

They also disappear and reappear before your very own eyes.

Whatever is in the sky I assure you it is not a hot air balloon. I'm not saying their aliens, however, I assure you if I could chalk it up to a hot ir ballooon I wouldn't even be talking about this. My best explanation is that it is some atmospheric phenomenon.

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