German Report: How Turkey Arms and Sends Wahhabi Jihadists into Syria

Finally, the West and rest the free world starts understanding what's really going on in Middle East:

While up to 40% of the Kurdish army is women, fighting alongside men and are equally treated, the women on the other side of the border is not that lucky. The Turkish Deputy Minister wants their women to stop laughing in public, since it shows "moral corruption". This is his solution for following issue:
A 2009 report commissioned by the Prime Ministry Directorate on the Status of Women found that more than 40% of Turkey's female population have suffered domestic violence. More than 120 have been killed since the beginning of this year alone, mostly by their partners or other family members. (pasted from The Guardian)

As the ISIS is threatening to literally massacre 10 000 Yazidis for 'worshipping the Devel', PKK fighters instantly pulled out from their bases and protected trapped civilians both in Mount Sinjar and Makhmour. They still are there fighting alongside Christians, Yazidis and other minorities. The Turks of course knew this, and instead of helping their "allies" in NATO by bombing ISIS, they used the moment to bomb PKK instead.

And still the Kurds are the ones being defined as 'terrorists'.

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