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The Immorality of Obamanomics

How Obama Blew It!
Lying, stealing, and corruption are its fundaments.

The President's economic policies are usually criticized for their practical ineffectiveness. Thinking people know that the result of the President's 1970s retro economic policies has been the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression, with persistent high unemployment, declining real wages and incomes, soaring poverty, doubling gas prices, and budding inflation sure to get much worse.

Unthinking people still call national conservative talk radio shows to say the President's economic policies can't be faulted because the economy was doing poorly when he entered office, and so his policies enjoy unlimited time to produce any positive results. They make national fools of themselves in so demonstrating that they know nothing about the historical prosperity of their own country, and why.

But the


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By: americanpatriot1970
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  • it has been the worst 31/2 years of my adult life.

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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  • The problem with gov't economic that the gov't HAS economic policies!!!!!!!!!!! Free Market, Supply and Demand!! That's what the economy needs, not gov't idiots who know didly squat(most who have never run a fucking bussiness) deciding what is best for bussiness's!

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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  • Great post, and truthful. Division, jealousy and greed and the hallmarks of this president and his campaign. It's shameful.

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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  • Just remember the facts....

    The next president after Obama will inherit the worst economy since the great depression and the largest deficit in American History. The next president will inherit record high gas prices, record high food prices, massive unemployment, a healthcare system that has been turned on its head, a social security system trillions in the red, a Medicare system that is broke, a medicaid system that is broke, and a housing market that is on it's back. They will also inherit a More..

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, he's following Bush's economic policies, but since he's black and I'm an imbecile racist, I have to parrot the Republitard talking points.

    My name is americanpatriot1970 and I approve this message.

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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  • Nothing more grotesque than listening the poor mouthing propaganda for the rich. You sound mindless, like the brainwashed Chinese under Mao.

    For your information, the rich despise you rednecks and tea party people, even while you carry water for them like trained beasts of burden.

    Posted May-6-2012 By 

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