New ceasefire/truce in Damascus. This time Babbila and Bayet_Sahem.

After Barzeh, Qudasaya, Madaya, and Muadamiyat, now there is a new ceasefire/trucebetween Syrian State and Fsa in the suburbs of Babbila and Bayet_Sahem.

Truce terms are,

1) FSA will deliver its heavy weaponry to SAA
2) FSA personal those are present in that area can stay at the town or re-join the SAA to complete their military service.
3) There will be a joined barrier consisted of personal of both armies at the entrance of Babilla.
4) SAA won’t enter Babilla nor Bayet Sahem and FSA will keep some positions in anticipation of any attack from SAA.
5) The Syrian Goverment has guaranteed to restore the electricity and water to Babilla and Bayet Sahem.
6) The Syrian Goverment has guaranteed to rebuild the public and private properties in both towns.
7) Cease fire between the two sides.
8) Open the major and side roads from/to these towns for citizens and for introduction of aids of all kinds to Babila and Bayet Sahem.
9) The truce does not include (Al Andalus) area in Babilla because it’s under the control of Shiite militia Abu al Fadel al Abbas.

Seems like these truce/ceasefires are getting more frequent the last days. Maybe this is how a lot of the old and not radical FSA rebel factions will end.

Location of Babbila and Bayet:;amp;lat=33.470399&lon=36.331744&z=15&m=b