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Worlds Fastest Bassist Jayen Varma with Bass grooves

Slap Bass-The evolution

Many changes occurred in making and playing the instrument Bass Guitar during the last century. Slapping the bass is considered to have begun in the 1920s on the Double Bass. On double bass it refers to the technique which is a more vigorous version of pizzicato, where the strings are plucked so hard that when released it bounces off the finger board, making a distinctive sound. A percussive sound is also made by smacking the strings with all four fingers of the right hand.

On electric bass guitar

"Slap bass" is referred to percussive playing technique in electric bass as well, that the style sounds and looks percussive rather than the usual fingering of notes. Slap bass is more technically called “slaps" and "pops". In the slaps, the bassist uses the bone of the thumb joint to strike the lower strings near the base of the guitar's neck. In the po

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