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FBI admits to looking & listening using your phones/computers/tv

Authorities don't even care anymore. They admit acting UN-Constitutionally, illegally, and for international corporate organized crime when they go by other names. Why should each of us pay to be spied on 24/7? It is not making us safer, it is making international criminals safe from us as they rape, rob, torture, indefinitely detain and murder. How foolish are we the people?

We pay for this abuse. Well over $40,000 to $50,000 just to spy on ourselves, EACH, according to some reports. That does not even include all the wars, bailouts for banksters, and the taxpayer funded corporate police state. [These people do bio-warfare experiments on children]. What we have now is worse than the KGB and Stasi as technology allows abuse on steroids.

Authorities are literally getting away with murder. We need not to punish just one. We ne

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By: SvenVonErick
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