DENMARK: Assaulted On Christmas Eve By Immigrants

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Nanna and her boyfriend Mads was beaten with iron chains on the way home from Christmas Eve

On the way home from Christmas Eve she was attacked by a group of young men in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Nanna Woodsman has posted pictures of his heavily battered face on Facebook, and they testify to a brutally mugged.

"I am both angry, frustrated and sad. It's so pointless, "she says.

Together with her boyfriend she was put on a taxi on Enghaveplads. Then they would go to their apartment in Kongshøj Street. But suddenly began a young man who, according Nanna Woodsman was a 16-17 years, provoking the couple.

"He asks what we stare at, and'll beef itself up. It ends up that he beats my girlfriend in the head with a bottle. "Says Nanna Woodsman.

The situation is evolving as more young men coming to and participating in the assault. Nanna's Forest man's girlfriend, both beaten and kicked, and at one point attacking the young man also her.

"The guy who started it all, get a hold of me and propels me into the asphalt. He hits me with a chain lock to a moped, "

"It is so pointless. We come walking hand in hand with our Christmas gifts, but it is not a robbery, because they do not take the gifts. It was totally unjustified '

Have you previously had any conflict with the people?

"No, never any page at all," says Nanna Woodsman.

She split her lip in two. Was made with 16 stitches. Lost a tooth. And to go with a plaster on his face in the years to avoid a lasting scars.

Copenhagen Police confirm that they have received a report of a serious assault on the specified address at. 0:10 Wednesday night. The police calls in this context two of the perpetrators with the following description.

1: Male, possible Somali background, 16-17 years old, wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt, dark clothes and white shoes.

2: Male, possible Somali background, 16-17 years old, bald, wearing black winter jacket with white hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes.



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Location: Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

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