Snake wrangler catches huge carpet python in toilet

A MAN got the fright of his life - and learnt he should keep the toilet seat down - when he found a python almost double his size in his dunny.

Erik Rantzau, 49, discovered the 3.5m wild carpet python in the S-bend about four weeks ago in his home near Darwin.

"I happened to be walking past the toilet and glanced in there and here was this snake in a massive coil just sitting up in the toilet," he told the Northern Territory News.

"He was that big that he physically blocked the pipes.

"He stayed in for four days then went out in the garden again for a week or two then appeared in there again one Saturday night.

"I didn't use the toilet - I just kept the lid down and went to another toilet outside."

NT snake wrangler Chris Peberdy went to Mr Rantzau's home in Virginia, in Darwin's rural area, four times trying to catch the python but it kept disappearing into the pipes.
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