This didn't end well but guy was okay. And promised to pay for damages!

Two broken elbows and still has a shithead friend.

When it comes to drinking, there are no bounds when it comes to the stupidity that goes along with it. A man, who some in the video referred to as Dave, decided to climb onto a bicycle prop that was hanging above a storefront and winded up failing miserably.

The incident took place in front of RV7E in Canandaigua, NY, when a group of obviously intoxicated people exited the bar – presumably the one next door. As can be heard in the video, one member of the group had offered the star of the video a shot if he simply climbed onto a bike that was hanging on the exterior of the building and sat on the seat.

The man eventually made his way up, but the second he planted his butt on the seat, it became dislodged from the wall, sending him and the bicycle crashing to the ground. The incident left him unconscious on the ground, while those encouraging the stunt could do nothing but reflect on the events that led to this.

Store employee Doug Sharp told Mad World News that the man came in to the shop the day after the incident to explain what had happened. According to Sharp, the incident resulted in the man suffering “several broken bones,” with some claiming 2 broken elbows and a concussion, but it didn’t all end poorly.

As Sharp explained, the man promised “to make good on it,” leaving the situation in good terms.

What do you think of this? Did this guy get what he deserved? Did his later confession make up for the destruction of someone else’s property? Let us know your thoughts on the entire ordeal in the comments.

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