Louis Farrakhan: "Our Muslim World Wants to See the US/UK Handcuffed"

At an unknown date (possibly circa December 6, 2010), Minister Louis Farrakhan of Nation of Islam addressed an audience. Video is to the right, Full audio is [keywiki.org/files/farrakhan/ here], excerpts of his comments are below.

"The cracker don't have no authority over me"

"I'm a guided man, and Allah has blessed me to get you this far"

"Since i've been on this tour, I've been telling the people - that God wants to give you the promised land"

"I know the messiah - I am taught by the messiah - because my work is messaianic"

"I can never forget Iran - Iran has beautiful Muslims. You don't know how much our Muslim world is anxious to see the enemy handcuffed. ...the enemy - the British and the Americans have created all of that havoc in the Islamic world. And imagine us rising up in America at a time when there's no superpower to deal with us and God with us - is the power that's gonna deal with America."