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LL likes count - what is it good for?
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Since the implementation of the likes on LL, many trolls and false prophets made remarkable negative scores due to their attitude, their rude language, their weired arguments or their inappropriate intents.
Since there is this pretty cool like or dislike feature, there should be some kind of function linked to the score a LLer has (my opinion).
When it comes to some special LLers who block people for reasonable and logic counter argumentation, even insult people to a non LL typical level of language when their sack of argumentation is empty and then block them, there should be a kind of reaction on the masses of users who neg them way down to the thousands in negative. To me, that high negative counts show that many users are pissed off by them, don't like them or even don't want them to be on the portal at all.
Still they have all possibilities of trolling people, spreading obviously fa
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Added: Sep-23-2011 Occurred On: Sep-23-2011
By: Lacroix
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