US general : ,,We need to kill Russians''

Scales, who is a military analyst for " Fox News " , presented his vision on the announcement of the US military engagement in Ukraine , saying that the situation in the country as a " game, set and match " adding that " the only way the US can have any influence in the region , is to start killing Russians " .
Major General Scales was called the Evening program of Lou Dobbs on Tuesday to comment on the fighting of Iraqi forces against the Islamic state near the city of Tikrit .

The landlord , however , wanted a broader picture of US military involvement in the world and asked retired Major General to comment on the announcement that the United States will send 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe .

The answer came as a surprise for Dobbs
" I think it will have no effect ," he replied Scales .

" It's game, set and match in Ukraine . The only way that the US can have any influence in the region and reverse the fact that is to start to kill Russians . To kill so many Russians that Putin will regret it, "he said .

" However , taking into account the amount of support that we gave the Ukrainians , taking into account the capability of Ukrainians to fight back , to catch the ,, 12,000 Russians'' camping on their territory , unfortunately , it is not very likely to happen . This is all that strategy ' leadership from background ' can think of , "concluded Major General .This just shows another proof of the most warmongering military and country leadership existing in the world.