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Global warming is forcing North Sea fish to head to greater depths.

An increasing number of species are migrating in response to global warming; some alpine organisms are climbing to higher altitudes, others animals are moving towards the poles.

A new study suggests that as sea temperatures rise, many fish may be electing to move into deeper, cooler waters, rather than moving to higher latitudes as many theorists had previously predicted.

Researchers led by Nicholas Dulvy of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture in Lowestoft, UK, studied fish in the North Sea, where sea-bottom temperatures have climbed by 1.6 ºC in 25 years.

They analysed data gathered by large-scale research trawling operations to determine changes in the geographic distribution of 28 bottom-dwelling fish species during the past quarter-century. They found that fish have not universally shifted northwards.

The great escape
The researchers report in the Jou


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