Pavel Gubarev: A Radical Change Occured in the War.

"Here is a radical change occurred in the war.
We surely are going to win. Ukrainian army is melting into nothingness. They're
surrendering, they fled across the border to Russia, do not want to fight.
Mobilization was sabotaged, no fighting spirit left. I can say for sure: we
will go not only to Kiev,
we will get to the Lviv. And strangle this trash so that three or four hundred
years Ukrainians will forget about Bandera and Shukhevych of the integral
Ukrainian nationalism.

I note that we are not fighting with the Ukrainians
- we are at war with Ukrofascism. And these two types of consciousness are very
different. And so the Ukrainians, who by chance or by force were in the
Ukrainian army, we call: give up - we will treat you sympathetically. Or simply
desert from the army. This will be even better.

But Ukrofascists - these are the oligarchic
mercenaries who with dilated pupils shouted at the "Maidan": "
Hail the Heroes " - This is the fascist scum. And so, of course, there
will be no mercy!

Now we will drive this scum away. We do not allow
land Donbass ground for shale gas Western companies. We do not give our land to
turn into desert. We want to see our land green, prosperous, rich. That's what
we are fighting for."