Brentwood Corner Pub altercation hours after White Lives Matter rally 10/28/2017

3 Angles
Heimbach attempts to stop an altercation at the Corner Pub, after a local female attacks an NSM member's girlfriend. This footage clearly shows that no one on our side initiated violence and were acting in self-defense and seeking to de-escalate the situation and break up the altercation. Two bouncers can be seen jumping in to stop the fight. The female assailant can be clearly seen striking first and her black boyfriend appears to have pushed her into the wall, causing her injury. It should be stated that no blow was struck upon the female assailant by any white nationalist present. The female assailant can be seen in both video angles pursuing the NSM member to provoke a conflict and initiate violence.

The video from the inside is the only one that's going viral at the moment, considering it looks just like a bunch of white dudes beating up a black dude. As you can see from the other two angles, it was entirely provoked by those proud black Americans.

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By: xiego (140.50)

Tags: whitelivesmatter, fight, brawl, bar

Location: Brentwood, United States